Steel Landscape Edging

Sure-Loc steel edging offers your landscape design a permanent solution to edge control. With a variety of sizes to choose from, steel edging gives you strength to stand up to the most demanding applications and flexibility for creative design possibilities.

14 ga. x 4” x 10’

.070 – .075” Average thickness.

Primarily used in residential applications where imaginative, free-form design is combined with long-term performance and strength not found in wood or plastic edging.

1/8” x 4” x 16’

.120 – .125” Average thickness.

Primarily used in residential applications where flexibility and durability are a necessity. This versatile edging will meet most landscape needs. Applications include, but are not limited to, planting beds, tree rings, paver walkways, paths, and mulch bed divisions.

3/16” x 4” x 16′

.182 – .188” Average thickness.

Primarily used in commercial, industrial, institutional projects, and other high traffic areas. Straight runs are easier than with 1/8” material with only slightly reduced flexibility. Applications include, but are not limited to, driveways, asphalt, maintenance strips, running tracks, pathways, and bed division.

1/4” x 5” x 16’

.25 Average thickness.

Primarily used in commercial, industrial and high traffic areas. Heavy duty edging provides the ultimate strength and rigidity. Applications include asphalt and gravel retention in driveways, paths, and maintenance strips, as well as bed divisions and mulch retention in high traffic areas.

Steel Edging Available Finishes:
  • Brown Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Unpainted<
  • Galvanized(special order)

Quality Features

Sure-loc Steel Edging Possible Radius

  • Will not become brittle or decay compared to wood or plastic edging.
  • Is extremely durable and is not easily damaged by maintenance equipment.
  • Stays in the ground due to our dual stake locking system and it’s substantial weight.
  • Creates a permanent and maintenance free solution for all your landscape edging needs.
  • Maintains strict material tolerances, ensuring no compromise in thickness of edging.
  • Has high quality powder coating to ensure the material is evenly coated, fully covered, and will not chip or fade like spray or vat dipped paint. Powder coating also makes Sure-loc steel edging resistant to PH swings in highly alkaline soils which minimizes corrosion.







Radius Possible

18″ Radius

24″ Radius

36″ Radius

72″ Radius

Technical Specifications

The following specification pages contain specifier information such as product sizes, finishes and applications. To go to a printable architect specification submittal form, click on the links below.*

Architect Technical Specifications (Steel Edging)

Sure-Edge Spec Sheet

    Shot Blast Preparation

    Sureloc is the first and only manufacturer in the nation to use the Shot Blast Steel Surface Preparation System. This enables the paint to adhere properly to the metal surface ensuring a professional look that lasts far longer than other steel edgings on the market. It begins in stage one when the steel edging is shot blasted. The steel is fed into a shot blaster where all rust, scale and other impurities are removed. Stage 2 is the acid coat. The raw steel is coated in phosphoric acid to promote better powder coat adhesion. The final stage is powder coating. The edging is powder coated and cured providing a long lasting finish, free of rust and peeling.

    New Product!

    Sure-Rust Steel Edging

    Also available is our Sure-Rust material that is self-weathering. The surface rusts when exposed to weather and inhibits deeper penetration of the rust. Developed to eliminate the need for painting, the rust finish is a popular alternative for an industrial or more rustic appearance. The material recedes within its natural surroundings. Available in thicknesses of : 14 ga, 12 ga, 1/8”, 3/16” & ¼” and lengths of 8’, 10’ and 16’.