Aluminum/EZ-Edge Installation Instructions

Tools Required: Spade, Soft head hammer, hose or rope, hacksaw, rake.
*We recommend you wear safety glasses and garden or work gloves

Aluminum Landscape Installation Video

EZ-Edge Landscape Installation Video

Aluminum Paver Restraint Installation Instructions

Tools Required: Standard hammer & hacksaw
Materials Required: 10 inch steel spikes with a 3/8″ diameter
*We recommend you wear safety glasses and garden or work gloves

Anchoring Guidelines:
Patios and walkways: use 1 spike every 16-20 inches and at each end
Driveways and heavy load areas: use 1 spike every 8-12 inches and at each end

“Sure-loc Edging really is as easy to install as 1,2,3”

Installs with ease whether your project is large or small, includes straight runs or lots of curves, Sure-loc has an edging to fit your needs. With our patent pending “puzzle like” locking system, you can seamlessly and securely connect each section together using two stakes that are below grade. No one will know where the end points are. And, at the end of the landscape bed, simply cut the material with a hacksaw and slide an end stake adaptor over the edging, which allows you to add stakes at any point.

Work in progress, using Sure-loc Black Anodized Aluminum Edging. Note the fluid curves and defined spaces.